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Rolex is known for its good capability in the battle of design and technology. This time, there are something new needed to pay attention. There is a short and new promotional video displayed by Rolex, named "Rolex And Icons." For these luxury goods-producing companies, people may ask that which brands is the best in using social media in market promotion. After the interview of experts who posses data related to this aspect, we found out those brands which are fashion-based are the winners of utilize media, such as Chanel and Cartier. In terms of fake watches, media seems not a battlefield them would pay much attention to. However, since issued its new promotional video, Rolex is off to a successful beginning.

Recently, I reported on Forbes regarding Rolex's new Facebook page here. They also have a YouTube rolex that launched last year. Rolex's social media efforts are pertinent to their overall branding efforts and mark a rather good use of the media from a communications standpoint - though like many brands, they shy away from creating or encouraging an conversant community. A new series of clever and short videos will make up the newly launched "Rolex And Icons" campaign. As a fresh start, two videos were issued by Rolex to describe Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley, two Rolex regular wearers.

Each video lasts for about 30 seconds. The videos have that distinct sharp sounding Rolex writing and slick production value. It seems to express that "this guy was famous and influential... and he wore a Rolex." Honestly,

Exploring Rolex replica watches past history, it's not difficult to find stories like this, with likely enough material for at least two dozen such videos. Rolex is lucky enough to have a roster of very famous wrists who donned their products, and using those stories for their current branding efforts is a no-brainer.

It seems that Rolex start to grasp the main points that I have emphasized for years-- that marketing involves two distinct types of communication. I believe this is why Rolex begin to notice this non-product related campaign. One being communicating your products and the other being communications about your brand. Rolex tends to not blend the two, which in my opinion is very smart. The Rolex And Icons campaign is all about to draw a image of their customers and clients as the upper social class, a sweet and simple picture of icons of history that wore replica Rolex watches. The videos are even presented like mini documentaries, which add to the "informational" nature of the media. There is no doubt that it is very well done, and a sign that Rolex has been planning how to properly tackle social media and internet marketing/advertising for a few years now.

According to Rolex's video and its previous marketing, whether you love it or not, desire one or already posses one, this is a brand with Rolex quality and technology. Its online image is well established by its promotion."Worn by social elite, visionaries and winners. By artists, statesmen, adventurers and leaders in their own areas. Only Rolex dare to state such an illustrious group of wearers from the past and present. Rolex replica pays homage to these extraordinary persons whose lives changed the face of the world." Only Rolex deserve this description.