First United Methodist Church, Torrington CT
Sunday, October 04, 2015

GABRIEL, Children's Education Newsletter

  January 2012
From the Director of Education  
All too quickly the Christmas season has passed and the New Year is upon us. Usually it is a quiet time to rest, relax read a favorite book and perhaps watch the snow lightly falling.  Light snow is fine, but a repeat of last Janurary is not really hoped for this  year.  It has been warmer than usual so far but we know the cold of winter is on its way. Not a lot happening in our Sunday School for January but our teachers are always busy coming up with creative ideas to illustrate a bible story.  
I would like to invite parents to come to a class and observe at any time.  Your children will enjoy having you there.  
Best Wishes for a Happy New Year
   Yours in ChristPat 
Jan 8. Annual Church Conference
Jan. 15  Teachers Meeting
Jan. 17  Administrative Council
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