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Cartier Ballon Bleu De Black Dial Watch

the fake cartier 'drive de cartier' was about as close to super one hit as you can get in the watch industry. from the moment it was launched, it was well known with journalists the world over us completely included. it appealed to round and small watch markets like asia together with tastemakers in other markets, and it was affordable priced. in a refreshingly frank interview, cartier's international marketing and communication director, arnaud carrez, details how, after a wayward period where brands "tried to be everything and everywhere", the drive is powering replica cartier to new heights.

1 the drive refocused cartier on what it does best "masculine elegance"

"the drive came at the right time, because it was just the years after the birth of fine watchmaking at cartier, after the calibre and calibre diver watches. i feel these stories were very good, but we likely stretched into fields where we are not necessarily legitimate.

"i'm not saying we shouldn't do that kind of watchmaking. we launched an impressive momentum in fine watchmaking. we were really right in doing it that way, but we probably launched too many novelties, created too many movements, and made too much noise around it. it probably overshadowed other stories."

2 the calibre diver "could be another watchmaking brand" but the drive is "the soul of cartier"

"as for the calibre diver, as far as i am concerned, i love the watch and i wear it, but it could be another watchmaking brand. i think drive reflected our new ambition to refocus on masculine elegance. this watch is the epitome of masculine elegance, it's about style. it's the soul of cartier. cartier is classic watches.

3 the drive will have many variations.

"we thought about the whole story for the drive when we launched this watch. we said that there would be other opportunities, but we ne eded it as a core model. "then we said that this watch has an important potential, so you can explore other fields, have a slimmer version. we can even think about a metal bracelet for the slim version, but the choice of the metal bracelet is critical, because it has to remain the same. the case is so perfect, and the choice of the metal bracelet is rather a challenge. i am not even sure we will do it. we are exploring it, but we'll see whether it makes sense or not aesthetically.

4 the drive is now arnaud's personal favorite watch

"you know we have a similar model? the santos dumont. it used to be my favorite watch, but i have to say the drive's probably moving the other one over. [the santos dumont] doesn't exist in steel, which means it remains a very special, very motivated, collectible watch."