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John Mayer is not only known as a famous musician, but also a purported and esteemed watch expertise. He has very clearly expressed his passion and obsession about watch collection. In one aspect, he likes to share many luxury and well-made watches from his collection on his online social media platform with his fans. In another aspect, he is often showed at the news media related to watches. A shocked news has came out recently that John Mayer decided to sue Robert Maron by accusing that this former friend and co-workers repeatedly sold counterfeit Rolex watches.

The suit for civil damages (John Mayer v. Robert Maron Inc. ) filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 18, 2014 complains that Robert (Bob) Maron repeatedly sold to Mayer, on advice of Maron's purported and esteemed expertise in the watch community, a series of pre-owned vintage replica Rolex watches that contained counterfeit parts.

Under a larger background, those vintage replica Rolex watches which were sold from by Maron to Mayer are tremendously precious and expensive. The price of many of those is high up to over $100, 000. These are some of the pieces that Maron sold to Mayer, which turned out to not contain 100% authentic Rolex parts.

Though Mayer didn't talk about the details of the problems of each watch, he do mentioned that overall he paid at least $5, 000, 000 to Maron for purchasing timepieces during past years. Mayer does not claim that all of the watches he purchased contained counterfeit parts, nor does that all of them were Rolex timepieces. It even mentions that on certain occasions Rolex itself expressed to Mayer upon attempting to service watches originally purchased by Maron, that they contained counterfeit parts. In at least some of these instances Maron issued a refund to Mayer used for the purchase of future watches. In line with Mayer, because Maron received information from Rolex that some of his timepieces contain several fake parts, after this, Maron decided not to pay anymore back to Mayer's money. The lawsuit ensued. One thing worthwhile mentioning is that the value of replica watches, especially those vintage ones, the 100% authenticity or originality of the whole watch is extremely crucial.

Rare vintage Rolex models are so popular and sometimes of such great value that often times various parts, both original and counterfeit, are used by unscrupulous individuals to assemble purported specific historic timepieces. As a matter of fact, these watches are combined several parts taken from diverse older Rolex models as well as unauthorized replicated parts to create timepieces that only experts would know as being authentic or not.

Mayer's complaint paints Maron as the type of industry expert who not only should have known better, but did know better. In one of the reasons of action, Mayer accuses Maron of fraud, which needs to be very knowledgeable of the false information delivered to Mayer about the nature and authenticity of the watches. Therefore, Mayer not only accuses Maron of selling him watches that were not one hundred percent authentic as promised, but also knowing that he was selling Mayer inauthentic timepieces.

In terms of the lawsuit, the majority of Mayer's information came directly from Rolex, who is known for judiciously monitoring the authenticity of the timepieces that come in for service. As a giant of watch industry, it is not strange that Rolex is very cautious about its product image, even would be seen as a little bit overly protected. Let along, there are plenty of their rare historic pieces f that circulate among high-end collectors and that frequently show up at major international auctions. It is often said in the watch collector community that more "fake" ultra-rare vintage replica Rolex watches exist than authentic ones. This is due not only to their value, but also because there is a sophisticated network of workshops dedicated to "producing" replica vintage models in the hopes of selling them to eager collectors.

There is no wonder that, since Rolex is one of the top companies in watch industry, the business related to its products, no matter vintage or new, is big. Like many contemporary wealthy watch collectors, Mayer relied upon the advice and trust of people like Bob Maron in selecting (and often buying) timepieces for his collection. .

In the action against defendant Maron, plaintiff Mayer makes a plea for damages in the amount of $656, 000 plus punitive and compensatory damages through the five causes of action. We will continue to monitor the law suit as it progresses. What is the take away message? Well, firstly, since the auction market of vintage is very murky and complex, with those vintage items which are high-end and luxury, there is no fault to buy it with extreme caution. In this case, we at aBlogtoWatch are very judicious in our coverage of auctions and related "available" vintage pieces because all too often there is funny business. Also, even the most esteemed and respected celebrity watch lovers rely on expert advice.

It is known that Charlie Sheen is another customer (and friend) of Bob Maron. Certainly, Maron has good discernment, however, as Mayer said, he utilized it in wrong place. From another aspect, we can understand why Maron would do this, if it's true. It would only because it is too attracting for sale "almost totally real Rolex watches" and it's difficult for customers to find out. Overall, now come to conclude maybe too early. Nevertheless, I still need to say that starting to charge Maron and make this come to public requires certain courage, since Mayer claimed himself as a watch lover with lot knowledge and collecting experiences. It seems there is no other method for Mayer to prevent further loss regardless of suing Maron.